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The Existence of Allah

The Existence of Allah

Abdul Wahid Hamid

Islam the Natural Way

Published in 1989 by MELS, © Abdul Wahid Hamid 1989

Once, a Bedouin was asked what made an unsophisticated man like
him believe in Allah.

Bedouin: "Do you see these marks in the sand?"

Man: "Yes."

Bedouin: "What do they tell you?"

Man: "A camel went by."

Bedouin: "Did you see the camel?"

Man: "No, but these footprints in the sand suggest that a camel
made them."

Bedouin: "Do you see these mountains?"

Man: "Yes."

Bedouin: "They are indicative to me that Allah made them."


Once Khalifa Haroon Rasheed asked Imam Malik: "What is
the evidence (daleel) pointing to the existence of Allah (subhanahu
wa ta`ala)?" Imam Malik replied: "Difference in languages,
difference in pitches of voice, difference in singing are proof
that Allah (subhanahu wa ta`ala) exists!"


The same question was asked, by an atheist, of Imam Abu Hanifa
and he replied, "Forget it! At the moment, I am busy thinking
about this ship. People tell me there is a big ship, it contains
different goods on board. There is no one to steer it, no one maintaining
it. Yet, this ship keeps going back and forth; it even traverses
big waves on the oceans; it stops at the locations that it is supposed
to stop at; it continues in the direction that it is supposed to
head. This ship has no

captain and no one planning its trips."

The atheist who posed the question interrupted and exclaimed, "What
kind of strange and silly thought is this? How can any intelligent
person think that some thing like this can occur?"

Imam Abu Hanifa said, "I feel sorry about your state! You
cannot imagine one ship running without some one looking after its
affairs. Yet you think that for this whole world, which runs exactly
and precisely, there is no one who looks after it, and no one owns

Hearing the reply, the atheist was left speechless but he found
out more about Haqq (The Truth) and proclaimed Islam.


Imam Shafi`i replied to the question in the following way,
"The leaves of Toot (berries) are all but one. Each leaf tastes
exactly the same. Insects, honey bees, cows, goats, and deer live
off of it. After eating these the insects produce silk; bees produce
honey; deer give musk (a special kind of scent), cows and goats
deliver off-springs. Is this not clear evidence that one kind of
leaf has so many qualities, and who created these qualities? It
is the Khaliq (Creator) who we call Allah (subhanahu wa ta`ala)
Who is the Inventor and the Creator."


Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal reflected on the question in the following
way. He said, "There is an incredibly strong fort, it has no
doors, there is no way to get in. In fact, there is not even a hole
in it. From outside it glows like the moon and from inside it shimmers
like gold. It is sealed from all sides, matter of fact it is air
tight. Suddenly one of its doors breaks down, a living thing with
eyes and ears, a beautiful looking animal appears yelling and wandering
all over. So is not there a creator who made it possible for life
to take place in this secured and closed fort? And is not this Creator
better than humans? This Creator has no limit." Imam Ahmad
ibn Hanbal was referring to an egg which is closed from all sides
but Allah (subhanahu wa ta`ala) The Khaliq (Creator) puts life in
it and a chick pops out.


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