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Women Corner >> PIOUS LADIES: Hazrat Sayyidah Fatima

Hazrat Fatima  was born 5 years before the Holy Prophet  declared his Prophethood, on the 20th of Jamadius Sani. These were the better days when the Quraish were busy reconstructing the Kabah. She was born when the Holy Prophet  was approximately 45 years of age.
Name and Titles
Her name is Fatima and she is the youngest daughter of the Holy Prophet .
She is the Leader of the women of the world, and Leader of the women in the Paradise.
Her titles are Taahira, Zahra and Batool.
She is named Fatima because Allah will protect her & her followers from the fire of Hell. She is called Batool because she was distinguished among the ladies of her age in regards to knowledge, piety and ancestry. She is Zahra, because she excelled in feminine charms and human excellence.
From her childhood, Hazrat Fatima was very calm, elegant and sensible. Her other sisters used to take part in games and hobbies, but she would not join them.
She did not enjoy going out & visiting people unnecessarily and would keep herself distanced, spending time in the presence of her mother, Hazrat Khadija.
The Holy Prophet  would appreciate her simplicity and her disregard of worldly attachments, and this is another reason as to why she was called Batool.
Being the daughter of the Blessed Prophet , she was bestowed with exceptional characteristics and distinctions.
Social Boycott
When Hazrat Fatima was approximately 12 years old, she faced very difficult circumstances in which the companions & family of Rasulallah  were driven out of their homes by the Kuffar for 3 years. They were isolated in a small area some distance from Makkah, called Shabi Abi Talib. For these 3 years, the supply of food was scarce and the people faced great hardships. The condition of the children was worse, and at times people were left with no choice but to eat leaves to satisfy their hunger. Rasulallah ’s friends and family, despite their unspeakable suffering, showed no signs of giving up and eventually the boycott came to an end and they were allowed to return home. This difficult trial had an effect on the health on Hazrat Fatima which persisted throughout her life.
Death of Hazrat Khadija
The pain and problems in Hazrat Fatima’s life did not come to an end even after the episode of social boycott. The moment came when her mother, Hazrat Khadija, passed away and thus Hazrat Fatima was deprived of a loving & kind hearted mother. After this, whenever she felt lonely and bereaved, Hazrat Aisha & Hazrat Asma would console her.
When the Kuffar (non-Muslims) of Makkah became more aggressive in their enmity, they inflicted more suffering on the Muslims. Rasulallah , at the command of Allah , migrated from Makkah to Madinah Sharif. A few days after reaching Madinah Sharif, Rasulallah  sent his slaves, Hazrat Abu Raafi & Hazrat Zaid bin Haritha to bring his family members, which of course, included Hazrat Fatima.
Her Marriage

When the Holy Prophet  migrated to Madinah, Hazrat Fatima was unmarried. There were a number of proposals offered for her. Firstly, Hazrat Abu Bakr requested for her hand to which Rasulallah  remained silent. Then Hazrat Umar expressed his willingness and in reply, Rasulallah  said, ‘It will be according to Allah’s Command.’ Finally, Rasulallah betrothed Hazrat Fatima to Hazrat Ali.
On the day of the marriage, Rasulallah  ordered Hazrat Anas to call Hazrat Abu Bakr, Hazrat Umar, Hazrat Usman, Hazrat Abdul Rahman bin Auf, the Muhajireen & the Ansar. Then he himself recited the wedding sermon with a beautiful smile on his Blessed Face. He said to Hazrat Ali, “I am marrying you to Fatima for 400 Mithqaal silver jointure. Do you agree?” Hazrat Ali then replied, “Yes, of course.” At the time, Hazrat Fatima was almost 19 years old and Hazrat Ali was almost 21 years old.
The dowry Rasulallah  gave to his beloved daughter is as follows:
· a couch or bed
· a leather pillow stuffed with date bark
· a waterskin
· bedding
· two pots
· one grind stone
· two bed sheets
· one prayer mat
Devoted daughter
In the battle of Uhud, Rasulallah  sustained serious injuries on his blessed head and cheek but he was protected by Allah, through the unrivalled devotion of his Companions, one of whom shielded the Holy Prophet from the arrows of the enemy using his bare hands.

In this state of confusion, someone shouted that the Holy Prophet  had been killed. When this news reached Madinah, Hazrat Fatima along with some other ladies reached the battlefield of Uhud, despite the horrible scenes. She felt solace on seeing the Holy Prophet  alive and then bathed the wounds of her father repeatedly, but the blood did not stop flowing particularly from the forehead.
She, ultimately, burnt a palm-mat and put its ashes into the wound which stopped the flow of blood.
Once, Rasulallah  was performing Namaz in the Kabah. The accursed Uqba bin Abi Moit put the tripe of a camel on the back of the Holy Prophet  while he was in Sajda (prostration). Someone told Hazrat Fatima about this evil action of the non-Muslim and she became restless. She rushed towards the Kabah and removed the tripe from Rasulallah ’s back, while the Kuffar were laughing and clapping.
She looked at them and said “You will be punished for this ill gesture by the Lord of Lords.”
Her words proved true as after some years in the battle of Badr, all those wicked people met their ends in a humiliating way.
Her Generosity
Hazrat Ibne Abbas reports that once Hazrat Ali irrigated a garden throughout the night and he got some barley as wages. From that barley, Hazrat Fatima ground it and prepared their meal. When they intended to eat, a needy person knocked at the door and said, "I am hungry." Hazrat Fatima gave all the food to that poor person and prepared their meal again from more barley. She had hardly finished preparing it, when an orphan appealed to them for help and all the food was donated to him too. She then began to ground the remaining barley and prepare the food again, when a polytheist captive asked for food in the way of Allah. Again, Hazrat Fatima donated all the food to him and all the family members remained hungry.

Allah  was so much pleased at this noble gesture that he revealed this verse in favour of this holy family:
“And they feed, for the love of Him, the poor, the orphan and the prisoner.”
(Holy Qur’an - Al-Dahr, 29:8)
Once, an old man from the Banu Sulaim tribe embraced Islam. Rasulallah  asked him, “Do you have any fortune?”. He submitted, “By Allah. I am the poorest one among the three thousand people of Banu Sulaim.”
Rasulallah  glanced at his Companions and said, “Who will help this poor person?" Hazrat Saad bin Ubadah stood up and said, “O Messenger of Allah! I have a dromedary (camel) which I give him.
Rasulallah  said, “Who is there among you to cover his head?" Hazrat Ali stood and put his turban on the head of that bedouin.
Rasulallah  then asked, “Who will arrange food for him?” Hazrat Salman Farsi took the bedouin along with him and went to arrange food for him. He asked from some people but received nothing from them.
At last, he knocked at the door of Sayyidah Fatima's house. ”Who is it?” she inquired. Hazrat Salman Farsi narrated to her the whole story and submitted, “O daughter of the true Messenger of Allah! Arrange some food for this poor man, please.”
Tears filled her blessed eyes, and Hazrat Fatima replied, “O Salman, by Allah! We have been starving for the last three days, and both children have slept hungry but I will not let you go empty handed. Take my shawl to Shamoon, the Jew and ask him to keep the shawl of Fatima the daughter of Muhammad and give something to this poor man.”
Hazrat Salman took that bedouin along with him to the house of that Jew and told him the entire story. Startled by this news, he cried out “O Salman! By God, these are the people about whom the Torah has informed us about. Be my witness, I believe in the father of Fatima!”

He then gave some grain to Hazrat Salman for the poor man, and also returned the shawl to Sayyidah Fatima.
Resemblance between Father & Daughter
Sayyidah Fatima took after her father from head to toe. She resembled him in looks, manners, walk, articulation and character. In other words. she was a reflection of her father.
Hazrat Aisha says, “I did not see anyone who resembled the Holy Prophet , in all manners, more perfectly than Fatima, the daughter of the Messenger of Allah.”
On another occasion, Hazrat Aisha narrates, “Then came Fatima whose gait resembles that of the Messenger of Allah." (Muslim)
Beloved Daughter of the Holy Prophet
Rasulallah  loved Hazrat Fatima to a great extent. It was the routine of the Holy Prophet  that whenever he returned from a journey, after performing prayer in the Masjid, he went straight to Hazrat Fatima’s house.
In short, the love of the Holy Prophet  for his cherished daughter is to be admired.
Hazrat Sayyidah Aisha reports, "Whenever she visited the Holy Prophet, he stood up for her, kissed her and seated her on his place." (Tirmidhi)
The following event also throws light on the extreme love of the Holy Prophet for his most favourite daughter Hazrat Fatima.
Once, Hazrat Ali intended to marry the daughter of Abu Jahal. When Hazrat Fatima became aware of this fact, she went straight to the Holy Prophet  and informed him of the current circumstances. The Holy Prophet  mounted his pulpit and delivered the following sermon whose each & every word bears the witness that Rasulallah  loved his daughter to the core of his blessed heart, “Banu Hashim have sought my consent to marry their daughter to Ali bin Abi Talib. I do not give the consent, I do not give the consent, I do not give the consent. Yes, if Ali wishes, he should first give divorce to my daughter and then marry their daughter. Because my daughter is part of my body. The thing which disturbs her, disturbs me and the thing which distresses, her distresses me.” (Muslim)
Hazrat Fatima’s Love for Rasulallah 
The intensity of Hazrat Fatima’s love for her Beloved Father can be perceived in the fact that she did not smile at all after his passing away. (Usdul Ghaba Verse 5 page 634)
It is also reported by Sayyidah Aisha that while Rasulallah  was on his death bed, he whispered to Hazrat Fatima twice. The first time, she wept and the second time, she smiled. On enquiry, she replied: “He informed me that he was leaving this world due to this illness, so I began to weep. Then he informed me that I would be the first in his family to meet him, at this I smiled.” (Tirmidhi)
Dear readers! This tradition, without any exaggeration testifies to the belief that the Holy Prophet  knows his own end and even the time of the departure of his followers too.

Secondly, Rasulallah  made Hazrat Fatima aware of her death being close, but instead of being worried & tense, she smiled because this was to be the reunion of the best father and the best daughter.
The Best Housewife
As Hazrat Fatima was a reflection of the Messenger of Allah , she always preferred to do the household chores herself. She would work to the extent that her blessed hands became blistered due to using a grinding stone and her clothes would become dusty from sweeping the floor.
Hazrat Ali reported that, one day Hazrat Fatima went to her father's house to ask for a slave or a servant who would perform some of the chores as she had grown corns on her hands due to the strenuous work. At this time, Rasulallah  was not at home. She then informed Hazrat Aisha of her condition and returned home.
At night, Rasulallah  went to her house and said, 'Should I not tell you a thing which is better for you than a slave? When you go to bed, recite 33 times Subhanallah (Glory to Allah), 33 times Alhamdulillah (All praise to Allah), and 34 times Allahu Akbar (Allah is the Greatest). This will be better for you than a servant.”
(Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi)
Leader of the Women of the Worlds
Once Sayyidah Fatima fell ill. Rasulallah  asked about her health and she replied that she was not well and there was no food at home to eat.
Rasulallah  said "My daughter! Are you not pleased over the fact that you are the Leader of the women of the worlds?"
Hazrat Fatima replied, “Father, then where stands Sayyidah Maryam?"
Rasulallah  replied, “She was the Leader of the women of the worlds of her time, while you are the Leader of the women of the worlds of your era. And your husband is Leader in this world as well as in the Hereafter."
Wrath of Hazrat Fatima is the Wrath of Allah 
Hazrat Ali reports that Rasulallah  said to Hazrat Fatima, “If you become furious, Allah also becomes wrathful. And if you are pleased, Allah  also becomes pleased.” (Usdul Ghaba, verse 5)
Piety & Purification
Allah  sent down a verse expressing the piety & pureness of all the members of Rasulallah ’s family:
“Allah only desires, O the members of the Prophet’s house! That He may remove from you every impurity and purify you well having cleansed you thoroughly.”
(Surah al-Ahzab 33:33)
Faith in Allah
One day Hazrat Usman Ghani invited Rasulallah  to a feast at his house. Accepting the invitation, Rasulallah  accompanied by his Companions, proceeded towards Hazrat Usman's residence.
As the Rasulallah  started to walk, Hazrat Usman began to count the steps of the Holy Prophet .
Rasulallah  asked, 'Why are you counting my steps?"
Hazrat Usman replied, “Ya Rasulallah, I will set one slave free for each of your steps to my house.”
Afterward, Hazrat Usman materialized this wish when Rasulallah ’s visit to his house was over .
Hadrat Ali then returned home looking troubled.
Hazrat Fatima asked, “Why are you so worried?” In reply, told her the complete story. Hazrat Fatima then said to him, “Go, and invite Rasulallah  along with his Companions.”
In short, the Holy Prophet  proceeded with his Companions towards Hazrat Ali’s residence. Meanwhile, Hazrat Fatima placed a pot on the stove and invoked her Lord, “Ya Allah! This servant of Yours has invited Your Beloved Prophet and his Companions. Now let me not feel ashamed in front of them."
Allah  then fulfilled her invocation, by filling the pot with Heavenly food. When all the guests were eating, the Holy Prophet  informed them that Allah  had sent this food from Heaven. Hearing this, a surge of happiness ran through all the guests.
Hazrat Fatima, the Queen of the Universe, again invoked Allah in the state of Sajda (prostration), “O Allah! Usman Ghani had freed one slave for every step taken by Your Prophet to his home. Please free one sinner in the Holy Prophet's Ummah from the Hell-Fire, for the sake of every step he has taken to my house.”
When Hazrat Fatima finished her supplication, Hazrat Jibrail appeared infront of Rasulallah and said, “Allah  has sent this glad tiding to you that He, granting the invocation of your beloved daughter, has freed one thousand wrong-doers from the fire for every step you took towards her house.”
(Jamiul Mo’jizaat)
Blessed Progeny
Hazrat Fatima gave birth to two sons - Hazrat Imam Hassan and Hazrat Imam Hussain and two daughters, Hazrat Sayyidah Umme Kulthum and Sayyidah Zainab.
Some historians have added the names of Hazrat Imam Mohsin and Sayyidah Ruqayya to the progeny of Hazrat Fatima, while others have omitted them. Those who have included their names also agree that they had died in their prime age. Therefore, there is not much information recorded about them.
It is also one of the excellences of Hazrat Fatima that her progeny resumed the lineage of descendence of the Holy Prophet  and this will remain upto the Last Day.
Rasulallah  said:
“All the offspring of Adam (A.S.) are attributed to their paternal relatives, except the progeny of Fatima that I am their father and their paternal link.”
Hazrat Fatima Leaves this World
When the time of Sayyidah Fatima's death approached, she told Hazrat Asma, the daughter of Omais, that she did not like the traditional way in which the funeral of a woman would be carried to the grave (a sheet was used to cover the dead through which the body was visible). Hazrat Asma told her that in Habsha (Ethopia), she had seen a different custom in which they would place the branches of trees on the bed and then spread the sheet over them (so that the body shape was also concealed).
Hazrat Fatima approved of this custom and advised that after her death, she and Hazrat Ali (*please see note below) should bathe her body, and they should not seek assistance of any third person.

Hence, Hazrat Fatima  was the first woman in Islam whose shroud was wrapped in the manner mentioned above.
She left this world on 3rd Ramadan 11 AH, at the age of thirty.
Hazrat Ali led her funeral prayer and she, according to her wish, was buried at night in Jannatul Baqi (Usdul Ghaba).
Hazrat Fatima’s piety & modesty was such, that even at the time of death she ensured that none should see her dead body wrapped in the shroud. It is Hazrat Sayyidah Fatima who will enjoy such a status on the Day of Resurrection, that a herald will announce "O people! Lower your gaze so that Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad, may pass through here.” (Usdul Ghaba. V 5, P524)
Note *
No man can touch the dead body of his wife, as once she has passed away the marriage becomes void. This is also a special attribute of Hazrat Fatima , that her death did not nullify their marriage.
Hence, Hazrat Ali remained her husband even after her death.

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