Thursday, 14 June 2012

Things about Islam you need to know

There are a lot of negative things about Islam that circulates the news these days. Obviously, terrorism and a violent Islamic holy war are negative. However, as I with concern is the other, more interesting things about Islam that provides instant points in common with the Christians and leads to inter-religious dialogue. It's interesting things and there are tons of the same.
Everyone knows about the five pillars and all those common things about Islam. But do you know about the five important truths about Jesus light the Qur'an gives faith of? In fact, there are more, but five is a good start. The Qur'an reveals the following about Christ:
1 Jesus was the son of Maria
2. Jesus was born of a Virgin
3. The day of his birth was blessed
4 Was declared a miracle for all men
5 He was without sin
Any of these truths serves as a springboard to the Bible? Certainly, all of them are quite effective. To communicate the Gospel to Muslims usually start with one of these bridges, and then simply say, "the rest of the story is in the Bible... you would like to read it?" By the grace of God, many a man has accepted the offer and received the Holy Book of God. Some never see again, however, others meet with mature Christians regularly to read and talk about it. It's the things about Islam that we appreciate. Allow me to lagoons of bridge of spiritual understanding of a person and get to the truth of the Gospel.
Let's practice together our deductive skills... Take a look at the following verses of the Qur'an. Can you find the points mentioned in them?
Look at! In Los Angeles, said: "Oh Mary!" Allah gives you glad tidings of a Word from him: his name is Jesus Christ, the son of Mary, held in honor in this world and the more beyond and (the company of) the closest to Allah; S. 3:45
She said: "O my Lord!" "How am I going to have a son when no man has touched me?" Said: "even so: Allah createth what he willeth: when he has decreed a plan, but he says, 'Be' and is!" S. 3:37
He said: Nay, I am only a Messenger from your Lord and (remember) that they guarded their chastity: he breathed us in her our spirit, and she made us and her son a sign for all peoples. (to announce) thee the gift of a Holy son. S. 19
So peace is with me the day I was born, the day that I die, and the day I shall be increased up to life (again)! S. 19: 33
As you learn this and other interesting things about Islam, be careful to not be fooled by the occasional poor English translations from the original Arabic Quran. Sometimes poor Word options occur that you can change the understanding of a speaker of English of a text of the Qur'an. Sometimes, especially with regard to the death of Christ, gross misrepresentations of 'annoying' words are committed. Another thing that monitor for used Koranic passages to witness or to discuss with the Muslims without fully reading and understanding them first. I know a lot of things about Islam, but I am careful and determined in how to use the Qur'an. I don't use each verse or every angle of a common ground. Use the bridges that I know are robust and proven.
I say this because there are many "lists" out there with Koranic passages unproven and untested. Not only tell a Muslim a certain verse says ' this and ' without being certain that actually say that 100%. This is very embarrassing and can undermine the credibility. Are there any other things about Islam that you and I do not know? Of course there are. I continue to study and are they inclined to what I can take the bits of truth I found in the Qur'an which aim to Christ and the Bible.

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